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The Heath & Company Philosophy

Trusted by hoteliers, asset managers and business owners, Heath & Company has earned its expert reputation by providing objective analysis, straight-forward conclusions and practical solutions for hotels, restaurants and private clubs.

Each Heath & Company consultant has a minimum of ten years of operational experience with some of the world’s finest hotel companies in a variety of disciplines. This breadth of knowledge enables Heath & Company to provide client businesses with real world experience and real world solutions.

State-of-the-art Solutions.
Extensive research & development coupled with hands-on experience have enabled Heath & Company to develop an array of easy-to-use management tools crafted to measure and improve employee productivity in hospitality businesses.

Heath & Company always works in tandem with the client management team. Our work programs are completely transparent with client personnel participating actively in every type of assignment.

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Heath & Company’s OnTrack™ suite is a collection of integrated web-based productivity management tools designed especially for the hospitality industry. OnTrack™ provides on-site management with effective tools for managing labor costs. Key features include:

Budgeting – Develop annual labor costs using the same assumptions used to manage the property on a daily basis.
Forecasting – accurately predict upcoming customer activity for the upcoming scheduling period.
Staffing guidelines – rational rules or guidelines for staffing each position at every level of business volume.
Proactive labor control - identifying daily labor requirements for every job at every level of volume.
Performance measurement – detailed comparisons of actual labor utilization to realistic targets.
Easy to read reports; exportable to PDF, HTML and Microsoft Word and Excel formats.
Flexibility – OnTrack™ tools can be configured to almost any situation, tracking any desired variable.
Works in tandem with property time & attendance systems including ADP’s TimeSaver® and Kronos® payroll systems.
Web-based platform affords easy review at the regional or corporate office level.

Net Prophet
NetProphet™ is a labor budgeting tool enabling management to employ precisely the same assumptions to develop annual labor budgets as they do to operate their hotel throughout the year.

Develop standard labor hour (and dollar) targets for the entire budget year, or
Upload your hotel’s Excel based labor budget.
Game Plan
GamePlan™ is a unique, easy-to-use decision-making tool for predicting daily business volume:

Designed specifically for hotel restaurants, bars, golf and spas.
Provides a logical methodology for accurately forecasting volume.
Unit managers are provided key decision-making information to develop and take ownership of their departmental forecasts.

Peak Performance
PeakPerformance™ provides easy-to-understand staffing guidelines for each job at every level of customer volume.

Managers develop their own realistic staffing guides enabling them to achieve financial goals while meeting service expectations at all volume levels.
Generates realistic labor forecasts and staffing targets by shift, day, week and month based on forecasted business volume and staffing guidelines.
View labor cost performance by position, by department or by hotel.

Team Work
TeamWork™ is a user-friendly automated scheduling tool for insuring that quality levels are maintained and financial objectives are achieved.

Schedule employees to achieve productivity and financial targets based on forecasted volume and staffing guidelines.
Track hours, payroll dollars and productivity in an easy-to-use format.
Schedule employees working in multiple departments; even schedule and track contract employees.
Inside View
InsideView™ Productivity Windows present the relationship between business volume and labor hours in a unique graphical format.

Visualize actual labor utilization in relation to target hours and business volume.
View labor performance graphically for any seven-day, thirteen-week, or twelve-month period.

PrimeTime™ OnTrack’s web-based state-of-the-art employee time and attendance solution coupling the latest facial recognition technology with fast, easy-to-use functionality.

Fully integrated with the OnTrack™ labor management system.
Faster data / page loading than comparable web-based systems.
Simple low pricing includes:
  • Unlimited licenses/usernames
  • Customer service and support
  • Unlimited payroll batches
  • Data hosting
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Accrual and Payroll modules